Dennis Gilley, Co-Owner and Cheer Director

Dennis Gilley has been immersed in the world of cheerleading for over 12 years both as a tremendous athlete and proven championship coach. As a cheerleader he excelled in both high school and all-star cheer. He competed at many prestigious competitions including UCA Nationals in Orlando; a competition he won twice. Other notable competitions include: Jamfest Super Nationals in Indianapolis, Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta and NCA in Dallas. During Dennis’ final year in all-star cheer, he received a paid bid to the ultimate competition, Cheerleading Worlds, finishing 4th. After he completed his high school and all-star cheer career, Dennis was awarded a full paid scholarship to Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas where his success continued. At TVCC, he competed in the NCA College Nationals over the next two years, finishing 2nd both times. As a talented and seasoned coach, Dennis has enjoyed many noteworthy successes. In 2016, the three teams he brought to Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta were undefeated finishing in a clean sweep. Additionally, those same teams all qualified for the D2 Summit and each made it to the finals finishing most notably 2nd, and 4th. For many years Dennis has also served as a terrifically creative choreographer for various all-star cheer programs within the state of Florida. As a testament to his skills as a choreographer, 100% of the routines he has choreographed over multiple seasons have been on display in the finals of the D2 summit. One of the best moments of his career was winning the D2 Summit in 2017 with his fellow coaches. He believes cheerleading helps athletes learn quality life lessons that will help athletes grow into contributing adults in society. Ocala Athletix has a tremendously bright future with Dennis Gilley as a co-owner and Summit Champion coach.


Coach Patrick Gomes

Coach Patrick has been involved in competitive cheer for over 15 years. He’s competed at The Cheerleading Worlds 6 times and has been coaching For 4 seasons. He specializes in all areas of competitive cheer! He’s even cheered for teams internationally! He has such a passion for cheerleading and is very excited to be a part of Ocala Athletix! He is thrilled to get to know all of our athletes and help OAX continue on a great path! 





Coach Ja’Cia Croskey 

Coach Ja’Cia has over 9 years of gymnastics and tumbling coaching experience.  She started gymnastics at the age of 7 and her passion for the sport flourished. Ja’Cia invested 12 years in competitive gymnastics and has won many state and national titles. She also has had the privilege of being a part of many great programs and has carried her tumbling knowledge with her. Her passion for tumbling has now followed her into her coaching career. Ja’Cia focuses on great technique, proper body shapes and conditioning. She loves to have fun and help athletes progress properly and safely. We are so excited to have her join the OAX family! 




Coach Mandy Stiffler

Mandy has over 35 years of cheerleading and coaching experience that all started at the age of 6! She cheered in middle school, high school and collegiately. From 1994-2000, Mandy was employed by UCA working summer camps and clinics, teaching the proper skills and techniques of cheerleading. After high school Mandy cheered at Morehead State, winning 3 National Championship titles (95,96,97). After she finished her successes at Morehead, she began her Allstar cheerleading coaching career. She has coached almost every age and level, from Tinys all the way up to Seniors Claiming dozens of National Championship titles. In 2012, Mandy became a USASF certified judge and was able to attend and work at many prestigious competitions including Cheersport Atlanta! Not only is she seasoned in All-Star, she has also worked with many high schools throughout the state of Florida and West Virginia. Coach Mandy prides herself on being tough but being able to have fun and bring the best out of every athlete! Coach Mandy currently works at Ward Highlands elementary as an intervention assistant. We are very excited to have her knowledge and experience at OAX!




Coach T’Kiyah Johnson

T’Kiyah’s passion for cheerleading began when she was only 4 years old. With over 15 years of cheerleading experience, she has competed at many prestigious competitions as an athlete and a coach. At the young age of only 4, she fell in love with the sport of cheerleading, earning an abundance of state and national titles along the way. T’Kiyah has also competed at the Summit 3 times, placing 2nd in 2016. She has assisted many teams throughout her cheerleading career and has always taken pride of her hard work and dedication for the sport. T’Kiyah has an extensive background and knowledge of cheerleading and aspires to teach every athlete that they can accomplish anything with the right mindset and proper guidance.





Coach Derrick Gomes

Derrick Gomes is a Brandon Allstar Senior Black Alumni that placed 2nd at The Cheerleading Worlds in 2010. With over 12 years of elite cheerleading experience, he takes pride in coaching by example. He has great communication skills with athletes of all ages and is a strong believer in holding accountability towards every athlete. Coach Derrick has such a great passion for winning, but most importantly, growth in athletes. Derricks goal is to make the best cheerleaders through hard work. “Winners do it until they get it right” Champions do it until they can’t get it wrong”


Coach Lou Will

Louie was born and raised in Ocala, Florida. He has been been coaching high school /all star cheer and gymnastics since 2011.
He has been coaching and cheering for many years across the board from high school to Allstar to collegiate! He cheered at Iowa Western Community College and The University of West Georgia. Louie competed at UCA college nationals in 2017 and 2018, placing 2nd.
In 2019 he was awarded the UCA National championship title with his fellow teammates. Louie specializes in upper level tumbling, allstar cheer coaching and coed stunting!

Junior Coach Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez has been an allstar cheerleader for 6 years. She is has been a 5x Cheersport Champion, 2x Jamfest Champion, UCA Champion, AND a Summit Champion. Alex has also been to Summit 4 years in a row and has made finals every year she has attended placing top 5 each year. Alex has been a base, flyer, and really pushes herself in tumbling. When Alex is not in school you can find her at the gym 4-6 nights a week. Cheerleading is her absolute passion and she can’t wait to start working with athletes at OAX! She hopes to improve younger athletes, and help them become a passionate cheerleader starting at a young age.


Junior Coach Bri Salter

Bri began her journey in All Star competitive cheer at the young age of 3. With 14 years of experience she has competed from Levels 1-5 at many prestigious competitions. She is a 5x Cheersport National Champion and has placed top 5 at The Summit twice. As her passion for All Star Cheer continued to grow, she dreamed on one day coaching and pass on her knowledge and love for cheer while doing her best to influence the younger athletes at Ocala Athletix. Brianna has earned many state and national titles along the way and is so excited to be able to work with these young athletes.